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Carnegie Lake Rowing Association


  • Sculling opportunities
    • Concurrent with Tue 5:30am and Thu 5:30am sweep sessions
    • Sun 2pm
  • Early May through Learn-to-row weekend (weekend after Labor Day)
  • View events and sign-up here
How it works
  • Dedicated CLRA coaches in launch for sculling sessions
  • Max 6 sculling boats per coach
  • Private and club singles and doubles
  • Club has 2 singles and 3 doubles that will be assigned by coach during boating for those indicating they want to use a club boat
  • Assignments and boatings will be emailed before each training session
  • During concurrent sessions, doubles can row with scullers or sweep as determined by coach during boatings
  • Sign-up options for “sculling only” or “sculling or sweep” during concurrent sessions
  • Practice starts 15 minutes after launch time (e.g. 5:45am for 5:30am launch) at start line. Private boats launch from Kingston dock and CLRA boats launch from boathouse dock and row up to start line with coach in launch. Club boats return to boathouse with coach after practice.
  • Sessions will be targeted for “pieces” or “skill development”
  • In general, sculling starts later in the season and ends earlier than sweep rowing. General rule: water + air temperature above 100F
  • All scullers must have basic skills for safe sculling – no club learn-to-scull program planned
  • Appropriate membership required and session seat fee
  • Boat lights required in dark when appropriate
  • Standard US Rowing rules apply to sculling events

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