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Carnegie Lake Rowing Association

Racing notes

US ROWING club code: CQWUM

Current rowing policy

As in prior years:

  • Our participation at any particular regatta is contingent on sign-ups.
  • While a regatta may be listed on our schedule, if we can’t properly field it, we will not go.
  • So, if you really want to race somewhere……. talk it up and get your friends to sign-up!!!

About the Schedule:

  • Some regattas will have overlapping practices. We will do our best to make that work. There’s always lots of rowing happening in the summer anyway, and we LOVE IT, right?
  • If we should cancel a regatta for any reason, and it is feasible to add an extra week of practice to the next regatta, we will do that. We will work with boat captains on availability to schedule those few extra practices.

Closed sign-up:

The “close date” of the sign-up will be posted in the description section of the sign-up. After that date, you will still be permitted to view the sign-up, but you WILL NOT be able to add, delete or edit your entry. 

IMPORTANT: To ensure that our deadlines are met, once a sign-up is closed, IT’S CLOSED. Please don’t ask the Coach to add you on the race roster. This is a FIRM CLRA policy.

“I have issues” section of Sign-Up:

  • There are multiple components to creating a race boat: Overall age, skill level, experience, gender, and most importantly, having even numbers! (ports vs. starboards, or having 4 or 8 people).
  • The coaches will use the information in this section at their discretion when doing the boatings.
  • (Example: 7 rowers sign up to race, 2 indicate "I have issues". Coaches will decide, based on age, skill, gender, and numbers, if they create a 4 or recruit one of the "I have issues" rowers to make an 8. This means you may or may not be boated if you sign up under "I have issues").

What's considered an "Issue"?:

  • RACE DAY LIMITATION. Most regattas have a morning schedule and an afternoon schedule. You might find yourself in the position of being free for only ½ the day….and since we say that regattas are a full day commitment, you don’t sign up. If you can meet all the other commitments related to the event (practices & loading), please use this section when you sign up, and write in your limitation (“I need to be gone by 11am” “I can’t get there before 2”, etc.).
  • SIGNIFICANT PRACTICE ISSUE. Everyone understands that as adults, we have families, work and other commitments that may cause us to have to miss an occasional practice over the course of a practice cycle. Missing 1-2 practices in a 2-week cycle is not a problem. And, as we have done in the past, we will try to accommodate those requests. However, being away for a full week of practice would be classified as “significant”. Being available on race day, but not for any practices is “significant”. If a regatta only has 1 week of scheduled practice, and you have to miss 3 days, that’s “significant”. If your limitation is “significant”, use this section when you sign up. And again, remember to list your limitation.

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