Carnegie Lake Rowing Association

Celebrating Community Rowing in Princeton, NJ Since 1985

Racing schedule

 Race  Location Date  Type  Level  Invite   Boatings


Schuylkill Navy Regatta Philadelphia, PA 6/18/2022 sprint  Med-High  TBA 6/1/2022 6/6/2022
Independence Day Regatta  Philadelphia, PA Jul 1-3, 2022  sprint  Med-High   TBA 6/15/2022  6/20/2022 
Carnegie Lake Regatta  Princeton, NJ 7/9/2022  sprint  Low-Med novice events 6/6/2022 6/22/2022  6/27/2022 
Diamond State Regatta Middletown, DE   7/24/2022 sprint Med-High novice events    TBA 7/6/2022   7/11/2022
Overpeck Summer Sprint Regatta  Leonia, NJ  7/30/2022 sprint Low-Med novice events    TBA  7/11/2022  7/18/2022
Royal Canadian Henley Regatta  St. Catharines, ON  7/31/2022 sprint


USRowing Masters National Championships Sarasota, FL  Aug 11-14, 2022  sprint  Expert  TBA TBD TBD
King's Head Regatta King of Prussia, PA 9/25/2022


 Low  TBA  9/7/2022 9/12/2022 
Head of Housatonic Regatta Derby, CT  10/8/2022 


 Med  TBA 9/21/2022  9/26/2022 
Navy Day Regatta Philadelphia, PA 10/15/2022


Med   TBA 9/28/2022   10/3/2022
Head of the Charles Regatta Boston, MA  Oct 21-23, 2022 


Expert  TBA TBA  10/3/2022 
Head of the Schuylkill Regatta Philadelphia, PA Oct 29-30, 2022


Med-High    10/12/2022 10/17/2022 
Turkey Row Princeton, NJ  11/24/2022


 Low  CLRA Event 11/24/2022  N/A 

Competition level legend

 Low Recommended for all levels of rowing. Novice events usually available
 Medium Recommended LTR + 1 year experience
 High Recommended LTR + 2-3 years experiences
 Expert Recommended for LTR + 5 years experience. National/International Competition at this event

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