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As the voice of authority in the boat and the link between the coach and the rowers on the water, the coxswain is a key figure in every rowing session. All rowers will be called on to cox. Rowers are encouraged to sign up in advance to cox in order to be prepared mentally and with the appropriate clothing.  A Coxing Manual is available as a guide (and is available on this web page). A coxswain clinic may be held early in the season to develop the coxing skills of regular coxswains, especially those interested in coxing race boats at regattas.

Send an email to Alison Pollini, our Coxswain Captain.

2016 Letter from Coxswain Captain Sarah Lael  Click to learn more>>

Coxing Clinic - Land-Based Training, Sunday, April 30, 2017  Click to learn more>>

Coxing Manual (revised 2014)

Tour of Lake Carnegie:  Coxswain Tip Sheet

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