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We are excited about our 2022 on-the water program from our return to the water celebration on March 20, 2022 through the Turkey Row on Thanksgiving morning 2022. Here’s what to expect. We’re looking forward to rowing with you on Lake Carnegie this year.


The CLRA 2022 program will have the following features

  • Early season emphasis on sprint racing (1000m) and later fall season on head racing (typically 3 miles)
  • Programs targeted to rowers with different interests
    • Laker program
      • Fitness
      • Skill improvement
      • Racing
    • Competitive racing that may include
      • Specific training schedule
      • Erg and fitness testing
      • Seat racing
      • Minimum commitment to competition participation
  • Beginner rower development program
    • Targeted toward last year’s LTR graduates
    • Mentors support in small groups
    • Mixed boatings for skill improvements
    • Introduction to racing
  • Experienced rowers have opportunities to row competitively with similar skill level rowers
  • Host the Carnegie Lake Regatta on July 9 - invite master’s clubs to come to our rowing venue for competition and fun
  • Opportunity to communicate individual rowing goals to coaches and receive feedback and guidance
  • Optional cross-training plans: Coaches provide suggested activities to help with overall fitness, flexibility and strength that complement the on-the-water training program
  • Possible 1 to 3 easy access scrimmages with other master’s rowing clubs in the area
  • For safety, CLRA sculling starts when the water + air temperature > 100F and it is light outside. Look for more information after the on-the-water season gets started.

The on-the-water program will have this schedule and structure:

  • March 20 through September 9 (except for race camp June 13-18)
    • Mon 5:30am, Tue 7pm, Fri 5:30am, and Sunday 4pm
      • Moderate to hard exercise depending on boat
      • Mixed skill boating
    • Tue 5:30am and Thu 5:30am
      • Light to hard exercise depending on boat
      • Appropriate skill improvement
      • Competitive training
      • Boating by skill
    • Wed 5:30am
      • Race day (warm-up and race) for all skill levels
      • Hard exercise
      • Boating by skill
  • September 10 - November 23 - (Laker + LTR program)
    • Mon 5:30am and Sunday 4pm
      • Moderate to hard exercise depending on boat
      • Mixed skill boating
    • Tue 5:30am, Thu 5:30am, and Sun 2pm
      • LTR program
    • Fri 5:30am
      • Light to hard exercise depending on boat
      • Appropriate skill improvement
      • Competitive training
      • Boating by skill
    • Wed 5:30am
      • Race day (warm-up and race) for all skill levels
      • Hard exercise
      • Boating by skill

Scheduled events

March 20 2pm: On the Water season starts with our first row on the water followed by an outdoor “back on the water” celebration afterwards (approximately 3:30pm)

March 26/27: “back on the water” weekend camp on Lake Carnegie with three sessions at Sat 3pm-5pm, Sun 11am-1pm and Sun 3pm-5pm. This is a great event for all Lakers to refresh their rowing skills and give the coaches an opportunity to get to know you better for better boating and guidance including the competitive program rowers.

April 5, 7pm: Racing program meeting

  • Racing program description for all members
  • 2022 racing opportunities
  • Introduction to racing for beginners
  • Competitive program description
  • Racing skill building during June rowing camp

June 13-18: Rowing camp

  • Every day (Mon- Fri) 5:30-7:00am with a race on Saturday 8am
  • Regular program not run this week
  • Participants generally stay in the same boat and seats per coaches’ discretion
  • Six-day commitment to participate
  • Regular seat fees
  • Video recorded sessions with coach feedback

Sprint racing opportunities

The following is an overview of local to international master races the club could attend based on interest. A description of the specific regattas and prerequisites will be provided at the Race meeting.

  • Schuylkill Navy Regatta- Philadelphia, PA (June 18) - Med-High Level Competition
  • Independence Day Regatta- Philadelphia PA (July 1-3). Med- High Level Competition
  • Carnegie Lake Regatta- Princeton (July 9). This regatta is organized by our club, includes novice events and is a Med-Low level competition.
  • Diamond States Regatta- Middletown, DE (July 23-24). This local regatta includes Novice events and is a Med-High level competition level
  • Canadian Henley Masters- St. Catharines, Ontario, CANADA (July 31)- High Level International Competition
  • Masters Nationals- Oakland, CA (August 18-21) High Level national competition
  • World Rowing Masters- Libourne, FRANCE (Sept 7-11)- High Level International Competition
  • September 10/11: LTR weekend to introduce new rowers to the sport and CLRA

Head racing opportunities

  • Kings Head- Philadelphia, PA (Sept 25)- Low-Med Level Competition
  • Head of Housatonic- Shelton, CT (Oct 8)- Med Level Competition
  • Head of the Charles- Boston, MA (Oct 22)- High Level national competition
  • Head of the Schuylkill- Philadelphia, PA (Oct 29)- Med-High Level Competition
  • Thanksgiving 11/24 8am: Final on the water row of the season followed by a Thanksgiving holiday celebration. Guests are welcome.

Covid and other policies

  • Lake and equipment access will be like the end of last season for now. This includes:
    • Do not go into the boathouse
    • Boats will be stored outside on our trailer or on the grass by the boathouse
    • Oars, cox boxes, and other gear will be stored on the trailer
  • Up-to-date full vaccination is required – usually required the booster shot
  • At least basic $15 US Rowing membership required for insurance
  • Boat handling
    • No shoes in the boats - to prevent damage from dirt
    • Put water bottles in socks - to prevent damage from bottle rolling
    • Carry oars one in each hand with blades forward


Parking in our normal spot across the bridge is restricted this year. Recommend Princeton Lot 20 – near the traffic circle on Faculty Road where the solar panels were recently installed.

Coaches and signed-up coxswains may park in the boathouse parking lot

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