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Schuylkill Navy Regatta

Schuylkill Update! 
Schuylkill Update! 

33 Lakers headed to Philly for the races on Saturday. No weather cancellations for this one! We had bright sunshine all day. 

M 4+ 
The first race of the day was the M 4+: Ed, Ned, Doug and John, with Margery coxing. Unfortunately, a few strokes into the race, the steering cable on the boat broke, and they weren't able to complete the race. After practicing for two weeks, it was a huge disappointment to all involved. 

W 4+ 
Next up, were the 3 W 4+.  
The first heat had our "B" boat, Allison, Sandra, Kelly and Katie, with Rob coxing, and our "C" boat, Jeanne, Silvina, Renee and Galina, with Brook coxing, competing in lanes 1 & 6. There was tough competition in between, but the "B" pulled out the win! Our "C" boat finishing in 6th place, raced with novice Renee, who loved every second of it, and will likely become a regular on the racing scene. 
The next heat had our "D" boat, Luanne, Zoe, Elisabeth & Susan, with Lily back in the coxes seat. After fixing a slight rigger issue, they were off to the start to race. They battled hard and finished near the top of the pack in 3rd place. 

M 1x 
One Laker gent, Scott, set out for a solo ride down the river and finished in 4th place. 

W 2x 
We had 3 boats out for the women's doubles. Mallika & Lauren started us off. They came in 6th, and came off the water with the biggest smiles on their faces and ready to hot seat their next race. 
More smiles with the next race, as Margery & Rose, 3rd place, commented that this was one of their better races. And they were hot-seating as well!! 
Last up, Karen & Loretta. Of course, it came as no surpise to anyone that they took home the gold!! 

M 2x 
Gary and Joe fought against Malta and finished 3rd in their event. 

W 8+ 
When all our doubles ladies were done racing, they rushed to their eights to compete in the final races of the day.  
First up was the "C", Kelly, Sandra, Allison, Katie, Jeni, Nora, Rose and Zoe, with Rob looking to cox another winner. After valient battle the ladies finished in 2nd place. 
In the final Laker race, our two "D" boats went head to head. The first, Margery, Luanne, Galina, Jamie, Silvina, Jeanne, Susan and Elisabeth, with Lily coxing, came in 3rd. The second boat, Denise, Mallika, Lauren, Renee, Telfair, Victoria, Mary & Sandy, with Brook at the wheel finished in 5th. 

Also competing at the Schuylkill, Barbara took gold in her 4+ and 8+ with Vesper. 

At Stonewall we were huddled under the tent to stay out of the wind and the Schuylkill it was to stay out of the sun! Overall, a fun day for all in attendance!  

NEXT UP: 6/30, IDR in Philly

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