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2017 Howard M. Smith Diamond State Masters Regatta RESULTS

CLRA won three sculling events July 23 at Diamond State Regatta:
Karen Karen Ellis and Loretta McCarthy In the Lightweight 2x
Barbara Hogan and Joe Oliver in the Mixed 2x
Bill Flynn and Joe Flynn in the Father/ Son.

Barbara Hogan

There's nothing quite like winning that first medal. Last week, three women and I, following the clipped commands of our coxswain Lilly, rowed our novice 4 to a first place finish. Getting there wasn't easy. We had to deal with early morning starts, self-doubt, lineup reordering, and the persistent fear of letting our team down. 
But when our boat approached the start, all of that melted away. Our attention narrowed to each stroke, linking one after the other as we'd been patiently coached to do. Just when heat and fatigue started to take its toll, when the competition started walking on our boat, our coxswain called out, "do you want this? Show me NOW!"
It wasn't a pretty sight, but each one of us found something more to put into the boat. Despite our age handicap and more than a few missed strokes, we finished first, to a rousing cheer from the rest of our team!
I will never forget the incredible feeling of working  together to get the job done. There aren't that many opportunities, at this point in my life, to test myself, to take a chance, and to be part of a team that wins a medal. The experience is priceless. 

Natasha Gajewski

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