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Retreat Summary

The Board of Trustees gathered for their annual retreat on January 26th. Thanks to Gary and Pam Mount for hosting us at Terhune Orchards.  Here are some highlights.
We had the opportunity to review all the comments and concerns raised by members over the last few months and to identify major themes that arose. Given these themes, we agreed upon a set of goals for the club to work on this year. We’ll be developing these into some specific initiatives over the coming weeks, but here are the overarching goals we’re committing to work towards this year:
·      All members feel properly informed about matters relating to the club and their opinion heard
·      All members have the opportunity to participate in the club in a way that supports their personal rowing and fitness goals, and can access a structure that supports them in doing so
·      Members feel good about how they are treated in the club
·      CLRA’s relationship with Princeton University remains strong, and our members have a good understanding of the nature and importance of this relationship
·      By the end of 2019 we will have fairly addressed issues relating to the affordability of rowing at CLRA for current and potential members and set appropriate policies to address this
At our December meeting, we’ll provide a report to members on all these goals.

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