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Laker Virtual World UPDATE 9 Registration Fall Program 2020 On The Water


Registration Fall Program 2020 On The Water

When: 09/28/2020 5:45 AM, EDT
Where: Carnegie Lake, Kingston Dock

Will you be attending?






Registration for the Fall On The Water Program is open!

Protocol for the program is here, and should be reviewed by all participants.

If you missed our briefing meeting on Sunday 20th, please review the recording of it here. The passcode to access the video is dZ81?zih  

You will have the opportunity to register for Sweep, Scull, or both. For sweep rowers, your registration is a commitment and will be used to make the best boatings possible based on skill level, weight, and recreational/ competitive interest. All sweep rowers (except novices) will be expected to cox.

If you are interested in both sculling and sweeping, you will need to register for each of these separately - fill out the form twice!

If you do not want to row, you will have the opportunity to register as a COX only participant.

Registration will be open until 12 noon on Sept 25th, after which time you may not be able to cancel. Exceptions will be made if you have an illness/injury or family emergency that prevents you from participating.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the water!

Ed Wengryn / Elisabeth Hauptman

CLRA Captains


Best regards,
Carnegie Lake Rowing Association


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