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Lake Carnegie Dredging Plan Update #1


You likely have seen the fields being cleared over on the other side of the lake along Washington Rd.  This is where the dredge material will all be deposited/de-watered.  Beginning later this month (August), they will begin delivering the dredge equipment to the finish line area and they will use that ramp space to stage the project.  There will be times when they will close that ramp for a few hours to launch barges, etc.  
The start date for dredge work is September 1.  They will start then if all equipment is in place and ready to go. 
All lake front neighbors have been notified of the project via mail.  Signs are also printed and going up in various spots around the lake.  The university is also printing public notices in a few local papers/websites.  
If you are contacted by a community member about the project feel free to steer them to the signs, etc. 
The dredge team will be operating from 7 AM to 7 PM each day but all dredge work done in the areas surrounding the rowing traffic lanes will take place from 9 AM to 3 PM.  There will be some barges and dredge piping along the shoreline by the towpath, but this will not impact our rowing.

Dates for the project are currently set for September 1 to January 1.  They currently plan to finish this entire project by early December. 

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