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Important Date for Members


From Captain Ed Wengryn:


Important Dates:

March 17, 6:30-7:30pm Boat handling workshop (no erg practice at 4pm)

March 20, 6:45-7:45 make up Boat handling (right after regular practice)

March 24, 4pm Laker Erg race: 4 pm warm up, 4:30 race. 5pm Back on the water row, Back on the water pot luck 6:30

We will continue to keep up last year’s practice of maintaining an erg day during the spring on the water season through May. 

This year we will try Thursday mornings as erg training days. Those practices will be billed as a regular practice beginning with the April 4th practice. 

If weather (storms/cold) keep us off the water earlier in the week, Thursday, weather permitting will be an on the water practice. 

Compulsory Boat Handling Training

As announced by Molly at the Dec annual meeting, every sweep rower in the club will need to complete a boat handling class before going back on the water this season. We will now be using some of the University’s Empacher 8s.

The first class will be offered on Sunday March 17th  from 6:30-7:30pm. (there will be no erging that day). There will be a second class on Wednesday March 20th 6:45-7:45 am after erg practice. Please sign up for one of these using our online system.

The Boat handling training will cover the basics of boat handling, how to adjust the foot stretchers, coxing responsibility, and a lifting exercise/test (35lb overhead lift and place). You must complete the boat handling and lifting test to row on the water with the club.  Further opportunities for training and testing will be scheduled after back on the water as needed, but each member’s sign-up access will be restricted until they have completed the class. 

Back On The Water


This year we are combining the Laker Erg Race with Back-On-The-Water. Meet at 4pm for a 4:30 erg race.  Sign up online to race or show up to cheer. Sign up online for our first on-the-water row at 5pm.

We’ll hold our traditional back-on-the-water pot-luck at 6:30pm, combined with an informal  ‘meet the Board’ opportunity. Bring potluck contributions! Families are welcome to join us for the pot-luck.



From President, Zoe Brookes:


Volunteer to help!

We are looking for volunteers to help with various aspects of the club.  We rely entirely on volunteers to keep everything running smoothly, and finding a way to pitch in and help can be the best way to stay connected. Please contact me if you are interested in helping with any of the following:

  • Editing sections of Laker News (and in future, the Laker Website)
    • Training tips – looking for an experienced athlete/rower to work with our coaches to publish advice on cross-training appropriate for achieving different personal goals
    • Coxing corner – looking for an experienced coxswain to create tips and reminders for our newer coxswains
    • Safety reminders – we have a new safety team to help remind us of important practices, so look out for topical tips from them
    • Celebrations and social news – we’d love to celebrate folks’ personal triumphs, athletic and otherwise. We could use a couple of editors to gather news for this page.
  • Membership apprentice. Interested in learning how we keep track of our members and keep their data in order? We need someone to shadow our current Membership Manager to learn the ropes. Could that be you?



Stay up to date with Board matters

In an effort to keep members informed of the work of the board we will:

  • Post minutes of Board meetings on our website as soon after the meeting as we can
  • Post an agenda for each Board meeting on our website at least a week ahead of the meeting
  • Send an e-mail reminder of board meetings along with the agenda
  • Display the schedule of Board meetings for the year on our website as soon as they are agreed – they’re up now!


We welcome members to attend Board meetings. Each meeting will begin with an opportunity for member comment (hint, show up on time if you have something to say!) and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end. If you have a matter you think that the Board needs to consider, please contact me directly


Contact Info

Address: PO Box 330, Princeton, NJ 08542-0330

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