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FOR SALE: Used Concept2 Sweep Oars

FOR SALE: Used Concept2 Sweep Oars
FOR SALE:  Hi Lakers, I am selling for the club a set of sweep oars. We buy new oars from time to time and the old ones become available. These are wooden handle oars and are selling for the terrific, bargain price of $85/each (two for $150). Only 5 left! New oars, by the way, cost $330 each. These are great accessories to your home--some of us have multiple oars on the walls. Contact me via email or by cell phone--both are on the Laker List.

Also--I am looking for sculling oars--ones that are taking up space and that you want to get rid of--I am not going to use them to row but rather to manipulate the 9' high bird nets over the cherries, blueberries and grapes here at Terhune Orchards.

Thanks. Gary Mount

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Address: PO Box 330, Princeton, NJ 08542-0330

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