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Stonewall Regatta

Stonewall Regatta
20 brave souls made their way to the Stonewall Regatta in DC today, but we were only able to get two boats on the water to race. 

High winds, heavy rain, and foot high swells caused the cancellation of all races after 10:00. But not before our 2 mixed 4s had their runs!! 

The mixed 4+ D of Zoe Brookes, Edward D Wengryn, Frank Hoffmann and Susan Wise Weinstein, coxed by Brook Tao, brought home gold!!! 

Our 2nd mixed 4+ B of Irineo Cabreros, Eli Cadoff, Danielle Ippolito and Victoria Airgood, coxed by nicole frisone, also braved the harsh conditions. I’m sure this group, with 2 novices on board (in their 1st race EVER!), will be talking about this race for years to come. 

Next regatta.....The Schuylkill Navy on 6/16. 


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