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Social Media

Social Media - Facebook and Instagram

The Carnegie Lake Rowing Association group Facebook page privacy setting has been changed to "Closed".  It is now available for the public to view, but only group members may post.  Search Facebook for "Carnegie Lake Rowing Association" and "Join Group".  Or click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the website page.

We are pleased to announce that Carnegie Lake Rowing Association now has an Instagram account that will be used to post pictures, videos, race results etc. in an effort to increase our social media presence. 

If you want to follow the account and be up to date with all the cool stuff we are doing and get to learn more about our members, our Instagram handle is "carnegielakerowing". Or click on the Instagram icon at the bottom of the website page.
Give us a follow and see pictures from "Oar Painting" day.  If you want to submit pictures, please send a direct message to the "carnegielakerowing" account within Instagram.

Contact Info

Address: PO Box 330, Princeton, NJ 08542-0330

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