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Independence Day Regatta

Independence Day Regatta

It was a hot one today at IDR on the Schuylkill River in Philly. By the end of the day, the thermometer read 101!! We were super happy that the regatta officials set a water misting station right near our trailer. The Lakers spent a lot of their down time in that water!

The first races of the day belonged to the 3 Women's 4+. First up was the Allison/Nora/Kelly/Sandra/Ryan combo.  
We were so focused on beating Capital (as we always are), that Western Reserve (who????) snuck in for the win instead. We had a great middle 500m of the race, and a solid 2nd place finish for this boat.

Next up was our other two W 4+s finishing in 4th & 5th places.
"B": Elisabeth/Galina/Jeanne/Samantha/Rob and 
"C": Lauren/Cynthia/Danielle/Mary/Brook
"We raced a solid first 800M, and were lined up 4 across until then. We lost a little on the sprint though" was the feedback from the first 4+. A little more sprint practice should help iron out the bumps for the "B" boat.
"We had a great start, and made great improvements on our practices" was the feedback from Lauren in the "C" boat. It was an overall positive experience for all.

Back to misting area until the late afternoon races, with 2 W 8+ and the M 4+ going out at about the same time.

The first W 8+ of Lauren/Elisabeth/Silvina/Jeanne/Samantha/Cynthia/Mary/Danille/Rob raced better than they practiced per Samantha. Many of the ladies in this boat came off the water filled with ideas for improvement in future races.
The second W 8+ of Allison/Nora/Kelly/Sandra/Veronique/Susan/Jamie/Galina/Brook, had a rocky start, but managed to pull it together for a strong 3rd place finish. 

Finally, it was the guys turn. This time, there wasn't a storm to cancel their race. There wasn't a broken a steering cable to cancel their race. THEY RACED!! Ivan/Ed/Daniel/Ian/Ryan battled the hottest temperatures of the day. Per Ed, "With a start consistent or as good as any other practice starts, we took off in a competitive heat. We rowed a consistent race pace and built into the wonderful sprint to finish in 4th".

While no one won the coveted IDR 1st place watches, it was a great day for all. We were also the first of the Lakers to use ALL THE NEW FABULOUS TOOLS Alison bought last week. We were able to rig and de-rig in RECORD time (our trailer was loaded by 7:33am on Friday!!!)

Thanks to all, especially our coxes and "summer coaches" for helping make us be "the best that we can be".

Next up, everyone's favorite race.....CLRA Regatta, 7/14/18!!!

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