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Ordering Race Gear 2019


CLRA racing gear available to order through April 21st  
The online team store for ordering CLRA racing gear is now open and will only be open until midnight April 21st.  If you plan to race, you will need either a unisuit or one of the options for a top to be worn with black trou or black trou with orange stripes.  Women can choose from two unisuit styles, including one in a lighter fabric.* The racing tops include any of the items with the interlocking CL logo on the front.  The store also has lightweight tech shirts without a logo that can be worn under unisuits or other tops for colder racing conditions, and a loose-fitting long sleeve zip-neck top in both men's and women's cuts.  Changes to many items, such as making the top longer or shorter or the bottom’s inseam shorter, can be made without additional charge.  See details below.
If you miss the store closing date, you will need to order your uniform individually, directly from JL (or wait until the next team store for a discount). For individual orders, pricing and shipping will be significantly higher than a team purchase.
There is information on the site to help you place your order including a tab for sizing details. There are choices on drop-down menus for many items allowing the addition or subtraction of an inch or two of length on tops and subtraction of 2 inches in the length of inseams on bottoms. You can order a different size top and bottom on unisuits *except for the women’s strappy unisuit which has a lighter fabric for the top.


Bulk shipping and handling will be calculated at checkout and all items will be sent to your team administrator who will arrange delivery of your order to you.   


If you have any questions please contact your team administrator.
Contact:  Denise Dwyer
Phone:  609-632-0475


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