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Lake Carnegie Dredging Plan


Early next month (August) you will begin to see activity at the Kingston Boat Launch and on the lake related to the upcoming maintenance dredging work planned for Lake Carnegie.

As you may know, sedimentation in Lake Carnegie has been, and continues to be, an issue with the last significant dredging having been completed in 1972. The current limited maintenance dredging will address sedimentation issues between the University’s Shea Rowing Center and the Harrison Street Bridge and at the outfall of Harry’s Brook in an area adjacent to the Kingston Boat Launch site.

Following are August to December 2019 project milestones:

  • Beginning in early August, material and equipment will be staged within the Kingston Boat Launch site. The material and equipment will remain in place through the end of this year.

  • During the month of August, pipe will be connected on-site and moved to the D&R Canal side of the lake. This pipe will be used to transport the dredge material removed from the lake to the de- watering area located on University property in West Windsor.

  • In late August the pipe will be moved to the “Princeton” side of Lake Carnegie and then will be submerged and marked by buoys.

  • Dredging of the area near the Kingston Boat Launch at the outfall of Harry’s Brook will begin after Labor Day. We expect this work to take approximately three weeks to complete.

  • Upon completion of the work at the outfall of Harry’s Brook in late-September, the pipe will be relocated, and then re-submerged, between the Princeton Shea Rowing Center and the Harrison Street Bridge.

  • Dredging of the area between the boathouse and the Harrison Street Bridge will occur between October and November.

    Please note that the level of the lake will not be impacted by the dredging process.
    Additional information about the project is available on the Princeton University facilities website at

    Should you have any questions or concerns as the dredging work proceeds, please do not hesitate to contact the University’s project engineer Robert Ortego at / 609-258-1841 or the Director, Community and Regional Affairs, Kristin Appelget / 609-258-3018.


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