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Sunday Coached sculling sessions starting


Event location:
Event date and time: Sunday, May 21
Spring is in the air, which means that it’s time for sculling. This Sunday is the official first coached practice, and you can sign up on Easy-Signup for it. A few reminders:

• You need to be certified to participate in club activities. This Sunday we’ll have a special session for experienced 1x scullers to get certified. See below for details.
• Seat fees for each session are $10. This is more than the seat fees for sculling during a regular session because you usually won’t get a lot of coaching when you scull during a regular session.
• Practice starts at the specified time at the start line of the 2k course ON THE WATER. This is about a 2k row from both directions. If you are launching from the Kingston dock, give yourself about 15 minutes to get there. If you’re using a club boat, you also will have to launch from the Princeton boathouse 15 min earlier than the designated time and row up with the coach. Please make sure that you are there on time!!!
• If you want to row a 2x, you need to arrange for your own partner. If you need help finding a partner, let me know.
• Practice takes place mostly on the buoyed course. The coach can decide to change this. What has worked well in the past is if faster scullers row slightly further than the start line, and turn around in time to be back at the start line at the same time or slightly later than slower ones. Slower scullers should start from the start line earlier than faster ones. This way we minimize waiting for everybody. Please help ensure that the group stays together.
• Maximum number of BOATS in any practice is 8. We don’t have a good way to distinguish who signed up later so please don’t sign up if you see more than this number. 

Certification for experienced 1x scullers this Sunday: There have been a few people who have sculled for years but have not been officially certified. If you fall into this category and want to sign up for this Sunday, you can do so but in this case, please come to the Kingston dock at 1:45 pm (30 min earlier) so that we can verify safe handling of the boat. Let me know if you want to do this. 

Happy sculling!

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